SCOM Health Check Reports V3–SCOM 2012 Supported!

This is just a quick post on an update on the SCOM health check reports V3.

Several people asked for a 2012 version, since there were references to newer packs the pack needed to be updated. ( or downgraded to be honest Winking smile

Sorry for the delay this one has been laying around for a while. Received this version but “forget” to upload the version. My bad Sad smile


I would like to thank Natascia Heil for her great work on making a 2012 compatible version of the management pack.

All credits go to Natascia!

Please check her awesome work on her blog System Center Tipps –  https://systemcentertipps.wordpress cialis von


oh and for the updated version, I have attached it to the download.



Oskar Landman

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